Once I know the size of the portrait you require, ie ‘head-and- shoulders’, ‘quarter length’, ‘half length’, or ‘full length’, and we’ve agreed on the setting for the portrait, I’ll need 4-5 sittings. These are arranged at the convenience of the sitter. The number of sittings will increase in the case of multiple figures. I am also happy to work with photographs if the sitter has limited availability.



I try to be as practical in my approach to painting people as possible. I have found that a lot of time spent getting to know a sitter in advance of starting a portrait is unnecessary: this naturally occurs during the painting of the portrait.
The sitter can talk, listen to music and so on, but needs to sit reasonably still, although they can take breaks whenever they like!



I’m happy to paint a portrait at a location proposed by the sitter, such as their home, but I can also travel within the UK or abroad if required.



Prices for portraits (oil on canvas) start at £1,000 for a head-and- shoulders painting. Once the circumstances of the portrait are finalised, a down payment of one third the price is requested; the final instalment is paid on completion. For portraits executed outside London, travel and, if necessary, accommodation expenses are added.