To my absolute joy, Cleansing of the Poor sold to a private buyer in the first few hours of opening on Day
One of the Summer Show preview days.

Not only that, I have coined the phrase ‘Protest Surrealism’ to describe the genre. Of course, protest of
all sorts, especially political and social criticism, has been a major inspiration to surrealist art for many
years, including other of my own paintings, but I don’t believe it’s been given a specific name until now.
So, look out for more Protest Surrealist works on my website soon and in galleries that represent me!

Looks as though Grayson Perry is a fan of Protest Surrealism! I’m in a prime position in the
Summer Show!

I can now identify the new owner of ‘Cleansing of the Poor’ as Andrew Wickham, from the Hampshire city of Winchester. Andrew is an occasional art buyer and regular RA Summer Exhibition visitor. He told me that he was instantly attracted by the surrealist style and fine detail of my painting.

I hope you enjoy it for many years to come, Andrew!